A large part of your grade will be based on your final project. You will propose some sort of embedded system project. It doesn't need to be practical. You must include both hardware and software components. Keep the scope reasonable. This can be similar to other projects you have seen (see previous class projects, application notes other processors, or from the list of ideas provided), but use the ideas only, implement your own hardware and write your own software. You can use the platforms and hardware that is available or purchase your own.

Project Requirements

  • Develop an embedded system application. 
  • Must include both hardware and software components.
    • The hardware aspect of the project must include connecting some sort of additional hardware device (sensors, motors, etc) to a microcontroller or development kit.
    • The software aspect of the project should include low-level driver for the new hardware, as well as software for performing the main application.
  • Based on the Z16 development kits or you can purchase your own.
  • Written requirements (examples and templates below). It is expected that the student will research various implementation alternatives and that the student will fully understand the topic they are working on.
    • Project Proposal 
    • Project Status Report
    • Project Final Report. This should be complete enough that someone could accurately and easily reproduce your work.
    • Project Brochure. This is a 2 page (2 sides of a single sheet) summary of your project. Sort of like a sales brochure for your embedded product. Feel free to get artistic and creative with this, but limit it to 2 pages.
  • In class demonstration:
    • On the last day of class.
    • Prepare for a 10 minute demonstration of your work and a discussion of what you did. A more formal presentation using PowerPoint or OpenOffice is not required.
    • Plan ahead for any computer resources you might need for this.

Project Timeline

Class 1 Start thinking of a project possibilities and ideas
Class 4-5 Email me (or meet with me during office hours) with your rough project idea or initial thoughts and an indication if I think your idea is a good project
Class 6 Complete a Project Proposal
Class 9 Complete a Project Status Report
Class 14 Demonstrate your project to the class. All GWU hardware is turned in.
Class 14 
+ 1 week
Compete Project Final Report, Project Summary, and all project files are due.

Previous Projects

Some project ideas can be found here.

Files you need

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