GameFram Lab

Lab 4 - Game Framework

This is an OLD lab.

Develop a simple game framework. You should provide a startup menu (form or canvas) from which the user can select from these options (at a minimum):

  • PLAY - play the game. You can implement any sort of game that meets the requirements below.
  • HELP - display information on how to play the game (which keys do what, whats the goal, etc)
  • ABOUT - display information about the game (name of game, author, date, version, URL, etc)
  • HIGH SCORES - List the top 5 scores.
  • EXIT - exit the game MIDlet

Your game does not need to be fully functional, just a simple game. A main character that wanders around a map (under user control) and who collects objects is sufficient. The main game must include the following at a minimum (you can add more if you like):

  • You must use TiledLayers
  • At least one animated sprite
  • The layers must be larger than the display and you must provide some way of scrolling/panning.
  • Use key events to control the game
  • The game must include a least 2 levels of play (ie: collect all of the objects on level one and you proceed to level 2).

The layers can be elevation view or plan view depending on the tiles you use. I will not grade you on the quality of the tile/sprite graphics (this is not a graphic arts class). I will provide some tiles and sprites (look in the Examples for class 4) you can use those or provide your own (look at the links on the links page). How you determine the score is up to you, it can be number of objects found or elapsed time or something similar. You should only save and display the top 5 scores.

Turn in a ZIP file of your entire WTK project.