CSCI 4237 Map Game Lab

New of 2011

Make an adventure/map game for Android or Blackberry.

Detailed requirements:

  • Game should use a tiles bacground.
  • Map should be eithre 2x the size of the display (allow for scrolling) or implement multiple levels.
  • Something similar to puppy adventure ( ), but updated for modern display sizes.
  • Keep score, save score (with name and date)


What to turn in

  • Follow the general lab guidelines.
  • Turn in a ZIP file of your entire project.
  • Tell me where you get your images if you uised any (files, sprites, etc).
  • If you had difficulty implementing some features, describe the problems you had and leave in your non-functional code (its better to show that you tried to implement the requirements than to not show any evidence that you tried).