CSCI 4237 Projects

Updated 09/15/2012

For your final project you will develop a fully functional mobile application for either an iPhone or Android phone. It can be a game or a business application of your choice. Your project will need to run in the device emulator/simulator or on a real device if you choose. You will be expected to demonstrate your application to the last class (typically week 14).

Here is what is required for your project:

  • Pick an application (you can discuss your ideas with me if you would like).
  • Think a up short application name (a simple word or a short phrase is good).
  • Write a proposal. Use the proposal template on the files page.
  • Send me your proposal by Class 4
  • Work on your project. Your application should include any help or instructions needed so that the user does not need to refer to a manual.
  • Send me an status report (email or upload to BlackBoard) by Class 9 (just an email telling me what sort of problems you have found and what you have accomplished).
  • Give an in-class demonstration on the last class (typically week 14).
  • Complete a final report that details what you did for your application (include and problems you encountered, how you resolved them, anything clever you found, describe any reusable classes you wrote, stuff like that).
  • Give me 2 things for a summary: an screen capture that you think shows the best of your application, and a few sentences that summarize what you application does.
  • Turn in a ZIP file of everything (project tree, report, summary text and summary screen capture) no later than ONE week after the last class.
  • Look at the files page for a project proposal template.

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