2008 Projects for Software Design for Handheld Devices

Project Screenshot
Cantrell Gluecose Monitor - The Glucose Meter application tracks glucose readings, insulin amounts and events and provides trend graphs and data summaries that assist with the management of diabetes.  
Chan Gas Mileage Tracker  
Chen Bluetooth Game - BlueGamer provides two different modes to players. Player can play the game on the local device to get as high score as possible in the limited time. Also player can host a game to allow other player join the game or join a game via Bluetooth.  
Mackie-Jones Zelda-like RPG - Zeta is a sandbox game of exploring and interacting with your environment.  Move the avatar around a 2d-world, travelling between persistant zones in which you can use an inventory of items to burn or freeze bushes, stick arrows in walls, light and extinguish braziers, freeze lakes to make them traversable, and more.  Be sure to bomb the boulders!  
Pawlowski Solataire Game - A traditional solitaire game for my final project. The game allows the player to view high scores, get help, and play the actual game. The player is also able to change the background theme while playing the game. The traditional rules of solitaire were followed when creating the game.  
Pendzick Music Player - Modified a final project created in my CSCI 253 of a Music Player controlled from a web interface, to provide the same functionality to a Cell phone via the JSR-172 specifications and specifically using the Java.Rmi.Remote interface and other supporting packages.  
C Smith MegaMan-like side scroller game - A simplified version of Mega Man using J2ME.  
J Smith 2D game - MazeEscape!!! is a 2D game that allows the player to move through different mazes within a time limit. The player uses the arrow key to move through the mazes. There is a wave file that plays in the background while the player is playing the game. If the game is over then the game over music plays for about four seconds. The player scores points by completing a maze. Each maze is worth 1 point.  
Sweeney Bejeweled-like game - I decided to implement a simple version of the game Bejeweld. The object of this game is to get three or more of the same kind of jewels in a row: vertically or horizontally aligned. A player can only move a jewel one position to the right, left, up, or down. This move can only be preformed if it will align three or more jewels. The matching jewels will be removed and all jewels above will fall to replace the them. New jewels will fall to replace the rest of the game board. This cycle will continue until the player is unable to make it to the next level.