Scientific Calculator

New for 2011
Updated 09/09/2011

Make a mobile calculator application with some advanced features. 


  • Your calculator should include the basic functions (add, minus, multiply divide, memory store, memory recall, clear, cear memory, etc).
  • Your calculator should include at least one addition set of advanced functions. Use the windows calculator for examples of the many functions in each mode.
    • Scientifi functions
    • Programmer functions (binary, hex, logic functions, etc)
    • Statistcial
  • Provide a minimum of 3 commands/options: EXIT (BlackBerry/J2ME), ABOUT and HELP. EXIT will exit the program in a platform dependant way, HELP will display some information on how to use the program, and ABOUT will display some basic information about your (name, date, class number, program name, optional email address and website, other information you feel is relevant).


  • Implement unit conversion or construction mode (feet/inches and fractions, calulate rise, area, etc).


What to turn in:

  • Follow the general lab guidelines.
  • Turn in a ZIP file of your entire project.
  • Tell me where you get your images if you uised any (files, sprites, etc).
  • If you had difficulty implementing some features, describe the problems you had and leave in your non-functional code (its better to show that you tried to implement the requirements than to not show any evidence that you tried).