I have a number of projects that I'm working on. Sometimes I even finish a one of them and post a summary. I hope you will find these useful and/or interesting.

Setting up Drupal

This documents the process I went through in getting this Drupal site up and running. My first step was in realizing that hand edited HTML wasn't the thing to do anymore. I wanted to focus on the content and less on the formatting of my web pages. It was too time consuming dealing with the HTML tags and I was tired of maintaining a pile of perl scripts, bash scripts and m4 macros to update all of the indexes and cross references. I found that I just wasn't updating the information as regularly as I would like to have been doing. I tried of couple of the web-page editors like nvu, but that just eliminated the need to write HTML (most of the time) and I still needed the bash scripts for organizing all of the separate files. That was not what I wanted. I also played some with Frontpage but that crazy program generated huge mountains of unnecessary files that clogged up my disk and web server. That was not at all what I wanted. I decided that I needed to investigate the various content management systems, but where is a good place to start?

Miniature 3D multi-chip module

Everything you ever wanted to know about a Miniature 3D multi-chip module, well, almost everything.


OneWire dual switchable power outlet

1-wire switched power outlet


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