CSCI 4237 Labs

Updated 09/09/2012

There are four labs for this class this year. You can also browse previous class labs or alternate labs (just in case you are curious). Please feel free to suggest improvements to these labs or better labs if you have any good ideas.

To submit a lab, zip (using WinZip, 7-ZIP or other) the entire SDK project folder (not just the source files). Name the zip file <lastname>-lab<#>.zip (the goal here is to make it easy for me to not get your work confused with someone elses and to make sure that I don't loose it).

2012 Labs (more details comming soon)

Lab #1 - iPhone Hello World

Follow the tutorial "Creating Your First iOS App" Add 2 new objects. One new input object and one new output object. Connect them (with Xcode and a minimum of objective-C so they do something).