Temperature Sensor Lab Version 2

For this lab you will connect several temperature sensors to the Z16 board, figure out how to access them, configure each sensor and then read the sensor value. I will give you several temperature sensors that use various serial interfaces (I2C, SPI, Analog, PWM, 1-wire). You will need to find the datasheet for each sensor, figure out how to connect it to the Z16, how to configure it, and how to read the sensor value. You will then write a program that will read the sensor and display the value. You must use the floating point library and convert all sensor readings into a float. You will need to modify your display library to display floating point numbers. Your program will continuously read from a sensor and display the result on the LED display. You can write a separate program for each sensor.  The smallest sensor is too small to contain the full patr number, instead it is marked "CNCT" but is infact a TC77 sensor.